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We Are 2Y Club




At 2Y Club, we are committed to bringing balance and joy to your life. We offer a broad range of classes for every level. Using our extensive understanding of the mind/body connection, we aim to use movement and breath as a way to heal and empower the self, giving you added physical and mental strength you never knew you had.

​What form of exercise works best for you?

We would recommend you follow a good variety of classes in different modalities, so that your body can access different areas, benefits and ways of movement.  We recommend incorporating each specific class below at least once a week for a well-rounded programme; or alternate between a vigorous and a gentler week. 

Your Future Starts Now


100% Results

  • Relieve back pain

  • Increase strength: grip, posterior chain, core

  • Develop flexibility 

  • Restore balance

  • Improve overall fitness

Do you have low back PROBLEM

our Trapeze are able to Healing your back with 4-Prong Path





Practice with Us


" Finally found a great yoga studio Love this place and trapeze class make me feel relieved. The instructor is good and professional. Highly recommend Besides, I met the loveliest people from different places. It’s really wonderful to spent time with people who spark the positive vibes and have the same passion to hang ourself upside down!

Enjoy the natural work and gravity! "

Jia Zhing

" I have frozen shoulder can't lift arm , been bother me for few years, but after one trapeze class, I arm starting can lift a bit more. will definitely continue my class "

Trapeze Yoga - Miko W.

" having Kyphosis been long time due to my long time on desk or daily bad posture

however I'm super surprise after few months trapeze , i have fix my back .  "

Trapeze Yoga - Andy W.

" Highly recommend. Every time i come here i’ve felt comfortable, relaxed and fun. The instructor i have meet are so sweet and nice. The classes are small enough to receive personal attention from instructors to help correct poses or ease you deeper into position. And instructions really help you achieve a level of yoga bliss. "

Marcus Teh

" V pleasant experience and good session with Nicole who guided me well as a first-timer. Will definitely be back for more classes! "

Trapeze Yoga - SJ C

" V surprise my bow legged have been adjust after the yoga class. even my friends also noticed. highly recommend to friends  "

 Yoga - Evenly T.

"Today's instructor was Nicole who took over another teacher for today. It was my 1st time doing pilates and I love the challenge. Will come back here again ! :) Thank you Nicol !! "

Pilates (Beginner) - Sharon T

" full class was conducted on the aerial ropes, very interesting. trainer started with simple stretched and progressed to inversions, and was very encouraging and helpful. with lovely trainer."

Trapeze Yoga - Kaitlyn N

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Head Stand Pose

Body Shape

2yclub: warrior 1




2yclub : Trapeze yoga kids ; inversion open hip


Farrer Park Studio Location

482 Serangoon Rd, Level 5, Singapore 218149

Google Map 

North East Line  MRT to Farrer Park Mrt

Exit H

Stairs case in front main road

lift behind the Building 

We are on top on Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre

Next to Podi & Poriyal 

Video show how to get there!!!
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