Trapeze Yoga 

modern yoga props have improved in quality and comfort for inversion sling yoga, the fundamental concept is the same. These simple devices allow you to practice new and different poses in ways that can transform your practice, and in particular, your spinal health and core and upper body strength. 

From Trapeze you have learn Everything! Most students initially become interested in the Yoga Trapeze for the spinal traction and passive backbends. However, they quickly learn that the functional pulling and grip strength involved in its use are equally (if not more) valuable and transform yoga into a truly comprehensive fitness modality. A yoga practice that integrates the Yoga Trapeze, even if just once or twice a week, can include pushing, pulling, holding, hip opening, twists, backbends, forward bends, and more. Yoga students
can work their shoulders, calm their nerves, and leave class floating on air.


Our approach is rooted in practices that help children counteract stress, anxiety, and much more.

Get our Trial Class with us !! 

Not sure if your child will love Trapeze yoga? Try us out! Each month we offer a 40-minute trial yoga class to new students. Learn a few poses and be uplifted! Be forewarned kids love our high-flying style of yoga and mindfulness so much even our trials are wait listed! Sign-up by soon to join the MOVEMENT.

When: Saturdays as Indicated, 10:30-11:10
Cost: $10

Please note, due to limited space there is a $15 no show fee. Please give us at least 48 hours notice if you are unable to make it.

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Based on



Non-clinical, fun sensory
space with Trapeze hammocks
as a therapeutic prop



Play-based therapy
to engage children

focus with learning


Holistic approach
rooted in mindfulness

Child in Air Yoga

$ 160

Trapeze Promo

  • 2 Month Unlimited Trapeze Classes ( kids & Adult )

  • 4 Classes of Power Yoga / Smooth Yoga 

2yclub : Trapeze kids ; dance pose

$ 100

Trapeze Basic

  • 4 Classes

  • 1 Power Yoga / Smooth Yoga ( Limited time )

2yclub : trapeze adult

$ 260

Trapeze Standard

  • 12 Classes

  • 2 Power Yoga / Smooth Yoga ( Limited time )

End of Oct