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Bungee workouts are new type of artistic and sports activity performed with the support of elastic cords attached to the body via professional harnesses: the rebound of the elastic cords allows you to move in the air and experiment with gravity with no limits.

Bungee also a beautiful combination of core training, cardiovascular exercise, and resistance training. 

Each lesson consists of a first warm-up session on the floor, a part dedicated to the study of movements performed in suspension with the bungee and a final part with the creation of a choreography.

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Bungee Fly has many benefits:

Bungee Fly is a new sport aimed at anyone who likes a challenge and wants to experience a new way of dancing and
training. It’s important to stress, however, that the muscular effort that this activity requires is quite challenging, especially
due to the use of the harness: training for this sport requires a commitment similar to that necessary for aerial dance.

    • Revs trainees to high cardio within 20 seconds.
    • Burns up to 1200 calories and leaves metabolism burning for 24 hours
    • Improved Core strength
    • Improved Balance & Co-ordination
    • Works the entire body with a combination of cardio & strength moves
    • A low-impact workout so good for the joints and improve a person’s mobility
    • Accessible to all different ages and body types and can get people moving
    • The classes move at varying paces, which means it is suitable people of all ages and weight ranges
    • Fun way to keep fit
    • Fun way to dance and to create special choreographies

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Our approach is rooted in practices that help children counteract stress, anxiety, and much more.

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Non-clinical, fun sensory
space with Trapeze hammocks
as a therapeutic prop



Play-based therapy
to engage children

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Holistic approach
rooted in mindfulness

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